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Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons 【1 set of 4 spoons】

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons 【1 set of 4 spoons】

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Heart Measuring Spoons: The Love Beyond Measure measuring spoons set is not only beautiful to look at but also a very practical product; a great piece for any kitchen, this spoon set is sure to bring out fond memories of love


✔【A lOVE SAYING ON EACH HANDLE】 including: "a heap of love," "a spoonful of affection," "a dash of tenderness" and "a pinch of joy"


    ✔【HIGH QUALITY】Silver Measuring Spoons: The heart shaped measuring spoons come in a polished silver color and are made from high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability


  ✔【VERSATILE】spoons are connected at the handle with a hanging ring ,Comes in a deluxe clear topped box with a black velvet insert and black heart design base


 ✔【PERFECT GIFT】Perfect for a gift or for themed parties.

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