🇬🇧 6TH anniversary SALE 60% OFF ! + Free Shipping 🇬🇧
🇬🇧 6TH anniversary SALE 60% OFF ! + Free Shipping 🇬🇧
Historica™ Personal Museum with Historical Artifacts
Historica™ Personal Museum with Historical Artifacts
Historica™ Personal Museum with Historical Artifacts
Historica™ Personal Museum with Historical Artifacts

Historica™ Personal Museum with Historical Artifacts

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Be one of the handful people on earth to possess the ultimate piece of history that you can hold in your hand!

Historica™ is a collection of artifacts from the history of the world , carefully designed to take you on a journey of learning and exploration. Each Mini Museum is a limited edition, handcrafted.

  • The specimens have been specifically selected and curated for the museum. From meteorites and dinosaur fossils to barbed wire from D-Day, and the most important events in history. Each artifact is broken up into smaller samples and carefully prepared for inclusion.
  • The samples are then professionally cast in acrylic. The museums are polished to a glass-like surface and will last for generations with proper care. 


Each artifact in the museum has inherent historical importance. The artifacts span not only the history of the world but also the history of the universe , It is ideal for teaching and inspiring.


Contain 33 artifact specimens. The following list shows the specimens that are included in each museum.  you will find the following interesting and intriguing artifacts.

  • Revolutionary War Lead
  • USS Constitution Wood
  • Civil War Bullet
  • Wright Brothers Flyer Fabric
  • SR-71 Titanium
  • Space Shuttle Insulation
  • Apollo 11 Command Module Metal
  • Sand from Pearl Harbor
  • D-Day Barbed Wire (Utah/Omaha Beaches)
  • Sand from Iwo Jima
  • Trinitite (The Manhattan Project)
  • Berlin Wall
  • Titanic Coal
  • Great Wall of China Fragment
  • Ancient Greek Pottery
  • Coin from the Roman Empire (c. 300 AD)
  • Pompeii Ash
  • Egyptian Mummy Linen (c. 100 BCE)
  • Woolly Mammoth Hair
  • Mini Shark Tooth Fossil
  • Megaolodon Tooth
  • Petrified Wood from Antarctica
  • Insect Embedded in Amber
  • Ankylosaurus Armor
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth 
  • Dinosaur Egg Shell
  • Dinosaur Coprolite 
  • Triceratops Brow Horn
  • Plesiosaurus Bone
  • Moldavite
  • Stromatolite
  • Martian Meteorite
  • Carbonaceous Chondrite


      Great for display on desks and shelves. It is ideal for home, office or school class decoration. Perfect gift for students, teachers , professionals and history lovers everywhere! 


      *Not sold in stores*

      About the Product:

      - Hand Made 

      5.9"*5"*1" (150*127*25mm)

      - 33 specimens cast in crystal clear acrylic 

      Historica™ Personal Museum is a handmade product and the production process lends itself to small variations.  All Personal Museums are sold "as-is" and by purchasing a Personal Museum, you acknowledge that such variations can occur. Such variations highlight the artisanal nature of the project, as each Personal Museum is made by hand and absolutely unique.



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