CUBICA™ Max Size element cube

Material: Tungsten
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Explore the fascinating world of science with the CUBICA™ L Size ELEMENT CUBE


Now you can add nine of nature's wonders to your own collection.


What Sets cubica™ Apart ?

1 . Machined from aerospace grade alloys, these cubes are an excellent contemporary addition for your desk at work or side table at home.

2 . New and Improved! 

Choose the element you want : Aluminum,Copper,Antimony,Bismuth, Carbon,Chromium,Cobalt,Iron,Molybdenum,Niobium,Titanium,Tungsten,Zinc 

  • High Accuracy: the cube is with the dimensions of 25.4 (+/-0.1)mm, that is 1 inch cube; The cube with laser marked information on the surface, including: atomic number, chemical symbol, name, density, purity, atomic mass
  • Precision Machining: the quality chemical element cubes are precision cut to ensure flat and less dimensional tolerances, very close to theoretical density, nicely finished with pointed edges and corners without burrs
  • Each cube is engraved with the element's symbol, electron configuration (# per shell), and atomic mass. Base included. Enjoy an endless opportunity for metaphors and puns.

3 . Up to 99.995% purity lab use grade pure element density cubes.
25.4 (+/-0.1)mm cube, double-face laser engarved with element information

4 . Matching carrying box/case included. Education toy kit, desk and office kit.

  • STYLISH 1"x1"x1" element cubes are engraved with metal characteristics set in an ultra modern display base

  • SAFE for all ages! The element cubes are non-toxic and the edges are rounded for safe handling

  • PERFECT for classrooms, offices, co-working spaces, science departments, and home schools

*Not sold in stores*

✔️Dimensions: 25.4 (+/-0.1)mm, that is 1 inch cube

✔️Color: Original element color. Some with polished surfaces and some others with anodyzing colors